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Clever idea Findfence for lost and found

Clever idea Findfence for lost and found

Clever, excellent, neat, great, grand, useful, helpful, lovely and different. One simple blog  Biebkriebels of Marianne evokes so many positive reactions. And what´s more: people understand my concept immediately too: Respect, Honesty and Trust.

  • There’s always an artist. :-)
  • First time I have seen something like this. I think it would be very useful and helpful if we had them in the parks here.
  • This honesty lost and found fence is just lovely – many things are found in parks etc, so this is a great idea. You always find the neatest things Marianne. lol
  • What a great idea. It is nice to know there are honest people around. What a neat fence. Have a happy day!
  • Love that idea, it should be adopted in all the parks. Didn’t see it when I visited Vondelpark, what a pity.
  • Nice idea, never hear.
  • Interesting that there is no concern for whether people will just take something they like the looks of. But I guess it does encourage honesty?
  • What a grand idea!
  • What good idea!
  • Wat een leuk idee! Nog niet eerder gezien.
  • Now that’s a good idea for lost and found. Usually people return in a few minutes to where they lost something. if it’s hanging on a fence it’s easy to find.


  • interesting idea for found items, I wonder if many ever get found
  • What a clever idea to hang up the found items.
  • That is an excellent idea and good to have the sign in so many languages.
  • There are always some lost hats and gloves in my neighborhood. Sad b/c most people probably don’t remember where they lost something. A central place like this would be helpful!
  • What a neat idea!
  • That is a very different idea!
  • I remember seeing this when I was in Amsterdam in September.
  • What a fine idea for a park. There must be hats and gloves lost and found all the time.
  • I like all the flags in the signboard.