Fun conversations at the Findfence

Fun conversations at the Findfence

Fun conversations at the Findfence always make me smile and thankful. I meet a lot of kind and interested people at the Vindhek or Findfences in Amsterdam. They ask me a lot of interesting questions about the art installation and the beautiful city of Amsterdam. And in return they tell me about their own countries and lives.

Belgium, France – Saint Malo, Hungary, Roma in Italy, South Korea, London and Norwich – Great Britain, Rumania, Russia and Uruguay it is always ” my pleasure ” to hear their stories.Belgium-Vindhek

conversation FRANCE_La-Trouvaillerie





conversation NORWICH_GB-FindfenceRumania_Vindhek

conversation RUSSIA-FRANCE-Vindhek



Cambridge dictionary

talk between two or more ​people in which ​thoughts, ​feelings, and ​ideas are ​expressed, ​questions are ​asked and ​answered, or ​news and ​information is ​exchanged

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