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Meet each other @ Vindhek meeting point

The Amsterdam Vondelpark is a favorite meeting point where 14 million visitors a year meet. Let´s meet some Findfence Friends, Vrienden van het Vindhek in Dutch. Their quotes: Smart, great, awesome, whimsical, epic, sweet, amazing, engaging, clever, cool, brilliant… Feel free to add your own reaction below or send us your photo of selfie.

Meeting point Findfence

Read some of their reactions on the Findfence  situated in the middle of the park, near the beautiful media building Vondel CS – Avro en Tros broadcasting – build Renaissance style in 1874 – 1888 by architect William Hamer, and the statue of the great Dutch poet, playwright and writer Joost van den Vondel (1587 – 1679).
Media building Vondel CS: Architect Willem Hamer
meeting point Vindhek

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