Annemarieke Weber ontwerper – Findfence designer

Annemarieke Weber Vindhek ontwerper. Findfence designer

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Where are you? Here and now, or elsewhere? Typing words to a distant friend, showing a photo via internet or actually meeting and talking to someone in real life? Shaking hands, seeing and undergoing lifes emotions and human values by a look in each others eyes?

The conceptual artist and Findfence designer Annemarieke Weber lives and works in Amsterdam.
Weber ontwerper designer
In the Dutch capital, 178 different nationalities live and meet in public spaces. As an artist, Weber specialises in bringing people together in an interactive and creative way, aiming to help people see, meet and understand each other, in a world where everyone is looking on her of his portable devices, cell phones and laptops into a virtual ´elswhere´ while being in public spaces where you actually can see and meet real fellow human beings or inspiring surroundings.

Weber wants to stimulate dialogue and art in public spaces, and encourage people to show they care about their fellow human beings by Dutch social Design. Therefore, in 2006, she invented and designed the Findfence©. An iconic meeting place that makes people smile, meet and interact. “Art you can use”, says The New York Times.

When creating her Findfence, Weber could not have foreseen the continuous enthousiastic reactions. Both young and old, from different cultural backgrounds and educated on every level, everybody understands the philosophical meaning of the Findfence. Weber has found proof of the general appeal of her Findfence concept in over a hundred and fifty articles in newspapers, magazines, on television, radioshows and so on. In The New York Times, on a Japanese television show, in Time Out London and so on. Next to appreciative blogs, tweets and photos in social media. Weber values the continuous media attention for her creation, as a proof her concept is generally understood and valued.

Annemarieke Weber also takes a great interest in sustainability and environmental issues. “What can be more sustainable than recycling your own personal belongings by finding them back on a Findfence?”

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  1. Mooie heldere site voor een een prachtig ideëel concept. Het Vindhek past perfect in deze tijd waarin duurzaamheid steeds meer aandacht krijgt. Meer Vindhekken! Eerst in Nederland en dan wereldwijd!

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